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Let us help you manage change

As your industry advances, your plant evolves, and new D/3® capabilities are developed, it’s important to evolve your process. We help you leverage the full capabilities of D/3® to improve quality, safety, and efficiency.

Get more from what you already have

We know every plant, product, and process is differentand D/3’s near infinite configurability allows you to tweak, adjust, and optimize for process for maximum throughput and quality. We can help you unlock the hidden value in your plant’s existing assets through analysis and revision..

With you for the long haul

As the only process automation vendor that directly supports our clients (rather than through a network of integrators), we’re uniquely committed and capable to ensure the reliable performance of your D/3. The D/3’s unmatched 40+ year continuous migration path and engineering expertise ensure the long term success of your process.

D/3 Distributed Control System

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